• Catholic Education Supports Tradition & Values

    When you send your child to a Catholic school, you do more than share your faith with them, you also put your faith in us to provide your child with strong spiritual and academic foundations.  

    At Saint Joseph Catholic Schools, we believe a student should be:

    • a reflective, discerning, active Catholic
    • a self-disciplined person
    • an academically-prepared person
    • a critical thinker; and
    • a well-rounded person

    We are committed to offering a challenging academic curriculum, a variety of extra-curricular activities and many community service projects in order to assist each student in their development. 

    • High standards, strong motivation, effective discipline in a caring environment, that nurtures academic achievement 
    • Catholic school students score an average of 35% higher than state scores on norm-reference and achievement tests.
    • Catholic schools have an excellent success rate in educating minority students. Catholic high school students attend post-secondary education at a rate of 97% and are more likely to complete their program of studies.
    • Catholic school students graduate from high school at a rate of 99%. Saint Joseph High School students graduate at a rate of almost 100%.