St. Joseph Catholic High School firmly believes that extracurricular activities are an integral part of the social, psychological and physical development of young men and women who participate in the activities offered by the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA). The St. Joseph athletic department strives to provide an atmosphere where student-athletes can participate in a well-organized, safe, wholesome, and competitive environment, which promotes fair play. 

    Academic achievement is of vital importance to all students who participate in these programs. Academic success combined with athletics prepares students for the future and helps them become well-rounded, responsible individuals. Athletics is one of the most effective venues for making Christian/Catholic values come alive in the students’ life.


    St. Joseph has more than 75% of its student body participate in at least one of our athletic programs. To be on a team gives our students the ability to express themselves outside of a classroom setting. There have been many St. Joseph alumni who go on to play at the collegiate level after excelling in high school. St. Joseph has some of the best coaches in the state and is home to many programs that compete for region and state championships yearly. There is an opportunity for every student at St. Joseph to expand their extracurricular activities as there is a no-cut policy at our school. Having a no cut policy allows all of our students to have an experience in high school athletics. We pride our athletics programs on the value of inclusion and equal opportunity. 


    At St. Joseph, we believe it is important for our students to compete with as many teams and programs that their schedules allow for. Many athletes compete for different teams and are successful in many sports. Students should not be limited to participation in just one sport, and we highly encourage our student-athletes to be members of teams where they will succeed. Crossing over between teams, coaches, and fellow classmates furthers our St. Joseph community more and more, and provides a deep sense of pride across our campus with all sports working together to create the best athletics program possible.

    Contact the Athletic Director:

    Cindy White