Jay Hart

Jay Hart – Faculty, Humanities & Government
Jay Hart, who, rumor has it, legally changed his first name to “Mister,” long ago fooled Kent State University into granting him two undergraduate degrees in history and social studies education. The ruse continued at the Pennsylvania State University, the University of Washington, and U of Utah, where he finagled several graduate degrees in English, Education, and US History, and did enough work on two Ph.D.s for reasonable people to wonder what’s wrong with him. Somehow he’s managed to teach for 40 years at two otherwise fine private high schools, but he may be most successful in his wine appreciation courses for the local arts association, since those students actually enjoy the homework. To borrow from Douglas Adams, Mr. Hart is mostly harmless, save for that annoying tendency to write about himself in the third person, and enjoys mucking about in the dirt he calls a garden.