Student Leadership

  • About Student Leadership Program

    The Student Leadership Program is committed to fostering the growth of the social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our Student Body and the SJCHS community as a whole. All student leaders are  expected to lead by example through their demonstration of faith, service, involvement, and integrity. Most importantly, they represent and unify the student body in the spirit of our patron, Saint Joseph. All SJCHS student leaders can be recognized by their SJ blazer or sweater. 

    Student Leaders are GIVERS: always asking in what way you can give back to make your SJCHS the best environment possible. 

    While each of the Student Leadership programs have their specific responsibilities, we also function as a broad inclusive leadership group for the entire campus. Student leaders from each group will be working together on many projects throughout the year. 

    The Student Leadership Program is comprised of the Student Government and Student Ambassadors. 

    Director of Student Leadership: Cindy White;

    Student Government 

    Student Government consists of Student Body Officers and Class Officers. Student Government positions are elected by their peers. These elected and appointed student leaders are responsible for a variety of activities throughout the year including many of the high school experiences such as Jayweek and Prom. These student leaders actively participate in service projects, class socials, pep rallies and dances. This group also forms an important bridge between the students and the administration. Elected Student Government positions will also serve as Student Ambassadors.

    • The Student Body Officers consist of up to four officers elected by the underclass members of the student body. This is for seniors only.
    • The Class Officers shall consist of up to six officers elected by the respective members of each class.
    • The Student Government is elected by the student body every spring. Elections for freshman class officers are held each year in the fall after school begins.

    Student Government Advisor: Cindy White;

    Student Ambassador Program

    The SJCHS Ambassadors are often the first impression many receive of St. Joseph. As such, ambassadors must positively represent the St. Joseph family at all times, particularly at events we serve on campus, Diocesan events, or community events. Ambassadors are outgoing, adaptable, well-spoken, and knowledgeable of our school and history. Ambassadors are required to have excellent communication skills, as they conduct tours, greet and host visitors, and speak to a variety of people, both here at St. Joseph and in the larger community.

    Different than our Student Government positions, our Student Ambassadors are not elected by peers.

    Student Ambassador Advisor: Cindy White;