College Scholarships

  • As part of your plan to apply for Financial Aid for college, please consider applying for Merit-Based or Need-Based Scholarships

    You can start by searching websites where you will find information on scholarship opportunities across the United States.

    • Ask your counselor, or visit the Counseling Office for local or private scholarships. These are regularly advertised via email.
    • Search your community. Ask local businesses or charitable organizations for opportunities. Ask your parents if the company they work for offers scholarships.
    • Ask the financial aid office at the college you have chosen to attend if they offer campus or major specific scholarships. These are often posted on their website, as well.
    • Beware of scams. Never pay a fee to apply for scholarships, and do not give out your social security number.
    • Be prepared to spend time organizing your resume, and complete the applications by their deadlines.