Browning Scholarship Fund

  • The Browning Scholarship honors one of the Saint Joseph’s long time benefactors – Val Browning. The Browning family has long supported Saint Joseph Catholic High School in various ways and the Browning Scholarship is one way to honor that long time support. 

    The Browning Scholarship will be distributed evenly over four years; with students receiving $4,000 each year towards the cost of tuition. While attending Saint Joseph Catholic High School, students will be expected to maintain good academic and behavioral standing in order for the scholarship to be renewed each year for four consecutive years. 

    In order to be eligible for the Browning Scholarship, students must successfully complete the eighth grade at an accredited school.

    To apply for the Browning Scholarship, students must also apply for admission to Saint Joseph Catholic High School by the priority deadline of Wednesday, February 22, 2023. A review of all scholarship applications will be conducted between February 23rd – March 8th. Finalists will be selected based on the cumulative growth and achievement described in their scholarship application. 

    In order for an incoming student to receive $4,000 for their freshman year, students must complete priority placement testing and registration prior to April 7, 2023. The family must also complete the tuition contract and payment agreement no later than April 7, 2023. In order for a rising freshman to receive $4,000 towards their sophomore year, students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or better and be in good disciplinary standing. After the freshman year, students will be eligible to receive the equivalent award based on their cumulative GPA at the end of their sophomore and junior year. In addition, to the above expectations, students will be asked to reflect on their growth at the end of each school year. These reflections will be facilitated by the Scholarship Committee, and will be either hand-written or in person. The Browning Scholarship will be awarded through a reduction of the student’s cost of tuition at the beginning of each school year’s payment cycle. No monies will be distributed directly to the student or family. The Browning Scholarship is only applicable towards tuition, and cannot be used towards other costs. Students may also receive a financial aid award in addition to the Browning Scholarship, however, no award will exceed the cost of tuition. 

    Discretionary Statement: Saint Joseph Catholic High School reserves the right to revoke the Browning Scholarship from any student  from any student whose behavior or actions do not reflect our institutions values or directly violate the Student Handbook.